enVie Juice Cleanses

Our fresh-pressed juices change each day of your cleanse. There is a mix of everything from leafy greens and seasonal vegetables and a small amount of fruit. For optimal nutrition, you must pick up your supplies daily throughout your cleanse. 48 hrs notice is required before the start of all cleanses.


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Access our free information booklet below on how to prepare and what to expect during a cleanse.

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Beginner Cleanse


  • 4x500ml fresh-pressed juices
  • 1x500ml Lemon Kick (lemon, filtered water, maple syrup, turmeric, cayenne)

Our beginner cleanse is for those new to juice cleansing, or looking for a reboot. Enjoy 4 of our fresh-pressed juices filled with a mix of fruits and vegetables, and our Lemon Kick every day. 

Advanced Cleanse

  • 4x500ml fresh-pressed juices
  • 1x500ml Lemon Kick (lemon, filtered water, maple syrup, turmeric, cayenne)

Our advanced cleanse juices are less dependent on fruit, have a more predominate vegetable flavor, and have less impact on your blood sugar.

Juice til’ 5 & Raw Dinner Combo
Available for 1-7 days, $50/day

  • 3x500ml fresh-pressed juices to replace breakfast, lunch and snacks
  • 1 raw dinner, changing daily
  • Bite sized dessert

    Juice til 5' & Raw Dinner Combo

*Please include any food sensitivities or allergies with your order when checking out.

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**Please include your preferred start date and pick up time, as well as any food sensitivities/allergies in the Order Notes at checkout!  For optimal nutrition, juices need to be picked up fresh daily!

“Thank you! Lost 10 pounds. Feel incredible. All of the juices were great. Purple Haze was my favorite. A friend I had not seen in a while summed it up last night. He looked me in the eyes and said “you look really great, something is different”. This is going to be my juice summer!” – Darren, May 2014

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